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ما شاء

اريد ان اركض من دون توقف
إلى اللامكان
لكن لوهلة،
اشعر ان جسدي يأكل خاصرة الفراغ.

تنتابني نوبات من الحرية،
فاجترع كأساً من غرام.

تنتابني نوبة باردة عن غد
او بعد غد
فأقتلع أصابعي من أحرفها
وأمضي إلى حياة صامتة.
ليكن لقدري ما شاء من نهايات
ليكن ما يشاء

Personal Logo

Personal Branding - Logo - Mohamad Badr

Mohamad Badr Personal Logo

Personal Branding is the newest and a growing trend in modern Marketing practices, to build a brand you should be able to merge the Identity and image within a solid content & Visual concept.

A Passionate Poet
A Passionate Photographer
A Passionate Entrepreneur

Passion is the Core! Professional or Amateur this is still and will always remain relative!
This is my new Logo – a Personal Logo prepared by Michelle Chakhtoura a Visual Communicator and Creative designer at Spreadminds

Website to be Launched soon!

Which one do u think is the best choice? Looking forward for your Feedback and comments!!

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